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DIES IRAE (Scott Drayco Series #3)

  • 2016 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award Finalist

  • 2016 Library  Journal Self-E Finalist


A mysterious music puzzle. A murdered co-ed. Sinister secrets.

Three years ago, Scott Drayco left the FBI after an incident involving his partner, Mark “Sarg” Sargosian. Now a freelance crime consultant, Drayco often helps law enforcement on cases, but he never imagined his estranged former partner would turn up on his doorstep, pleading for Drayco’s help. A co-ed at an elite private college in Washington, D.C., has been murdered, and the victim’s friend, Sarg's own daughter Tara, might be the next target.

The killer left behind a puzzling music code at the crime scene, and Drayco soon learns he has two things in common with the murdered girl—a music background and synesthesia. The case takes an even stranger turn after a second murder and a second music code, with signs pointing toward a possible ritualistic killing. Then, Drayco himself starts receiving coded messages ...

Crimetime Press

eBook ISBN:  978-0-9904582-6-5      
Trade:  ISBN 978-0-9904582-7-2      
Hardcover:  978-0-9904582-8-9  




"A notable title worth putting on your SELF-e reading list." - Library Journal

"BV Lawson has created a memorable character in Drayco, a concert pianist turned FBI agent, turned crime consultant. He also has the fascinating condition of synesthesia, which not only adds a mysterious depth to his character it is integral to the plot.“ - Big Als Books and Pals

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