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ELEGY IN SCARLET  (Scott Drayco Series #4)

  • Finalist for 2017 Library Journal Indie Ebook Awards, Best Mystery

  • Finalist for the 2017 Daphne Award, Mainstream Mystery/Suspense

  • Longlisted for 2019 Kindle Book Awards


Crimetime Press

eBook ISBN:  978-0-9904582-9-6        
Trade ISBN:   978-0-9975347-0-2      
Hardcover:    978-0-9975347-1-9



​​What if a large part of your past turned out to be a lie?

Crime consultant Scott Drayco is already in the middle of a possible career-ending legal battle when word comes that his mother, who disappeared 30 years ago, is very much alive — and charged with murder. With Drayco’s father washing his hands of the matter and police convinced the woman is guilty, everyone tells him he should just walk away from the case and let the chips fall where they may.

Except, Drayco finds he can’t leave it alone and is obsessed with uncovering the truth: Is his mother really a killer? Where has she been all these years? And why did she suddenly leave her husband and children to vanish without a trace?

Investigating the murder victim’s colleagues, Drayco learns there are plenty who wanted the man dead, including a shadowy stalker who seems to have a mysterious connection to Drayco’s mother. As he wades hip-deep into secrets, lies, and cons, he begins to question if the case is all just part of an elaborate scam ... where the only one being fooled is Drayco himself.


"This labyrinthine novel is great for those who love to be as intellectually frenzied as the detectives in the stories they read. They’ll be eagerly flipping back to look for Lawson’s strategically placed clues." - Library Journal

A fast-paced whodunit, Lawson’s recent installment in the Scott Drayco mystery series ... contains enough pleasantly unexpected surprises and meticulous details to deliver a fresh mystery. Lawson’s prose is clean, crisp,  and detailed, demonstrating a clear affinity for crime journalism. Lawson's protagonist is also greatly compelling; Lawson also excels at crafting seemingly minor figures whose roles in the story may be more significant than they seem. - Publishers Weekly (Booklife Prize)

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