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Hear No Evil PDF

Hear No Evil PDF

From Derringer Award winner BV Lawson come five tales featuring Scott Drayco, a man who had everything going for him: handsome, brilliant, and a talented classical pianist in the prime of his youth. After violence scarred him physically and emotionally, he turned to an FBI career before becoming a crime consultant, taking on cases other people often don't want to touch.

In HEAR NO EVIL, first published in Poison + Murder = Satisfaction, pianist Adina Dyson asks to meet Scott Drayco at a recital hall in the middle of a snowstorm, but the last thing he expects is for Adina to turn up dead.

In TER-LUCK-EN, when noted defense attorney Benny Baskin finds himself in jail on Thanksgiving Eve, Drayco has to try to save his bacon.

In THE LEAST OF THESE, first published in Plan B: Volume III, Drayco goes undercover at a French Embassy soiree in hopes of bringing closure to a motherless girl.

In WITH SWEET LAVENDER, first published in Over My Dead Body, Drayco discovers that love is not always a many-splendored thing.

In FM IS FOR MURDER, first published in Poison + Murder = Satisfaction (and honored by an American Independent Writers award), the shock-jock host of a morning radio program turns up murdered—but maybe the question is who *didn’t* want him dead?
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